45 Moir Street, Mangawhai Village, Next to the Mangawhai Library Hall



Wed 22 Mar and Tues 4 April

Lesley Munro and Kay Cotteral


Wed 5 April to Tues 11 April

Mark Graham


Wed 12 Apr to Tues 25 Apr

Mangawhai Artists Art Trail Members Exhibition




Project Stingray

To kick start the year and complement our exciting exhibition programme, we have an up and coming Community Project that seeks our whole communities’ active involvement. To bring Project Stingray to its optimal envisaged outcome, we would greatly appreciate your participation in Project Stingray as MAI Members and valuable, creative and expressive components of our community, Getting more active community involvement in our local arts scene is of importance in creating public awareness of the Arts in Mangawhai, not only to attract our community and visitors to our Mangawhai Artists Gallery as an exhibition centre, but also to give ourselves as an art community more credit regarding our artistic endeavours involving our public, which makes getting funding for projects easier.


MAI member Rosina Kamphuis has designed a project that seeks to actively involve and bring together our local community: artists, kids and families, and local businesses. It seeks to give the community as a whole, more awareness and ownership of our art scene. Your backing and involvement in this project is needed to achieve the desired outcome at a high professional level. Rosina’s plan is to create and install two giant plywood stingrays covering the Mangawhai Artists Gallery exterior wall facing the Library, each of which will be over shadowed by plywood mini-rays attached to and over the giants to create a 3 dimensional installation. Each mini-ray is a blank canvas primed for each participant of our free Community Painting Weekend that we hope you will be a part of, sketched in to our roster to take place on Saturday 29 April and Sunday 30 April 2017. The installation will be made to a permanent standard of at least 10 years, and constructed by our builder to enable re-location.


 The white outline is the two stingrays that represents the plywood backing.


The invitation and call out to our community members via news media and websites, will be to create a design on a mini-ray that expresses each individual’s connection to Mangawhai, thereby offering all artists, kids and families, and local businesses to put their unique stamp on this installation. At the same time, the end result will illustrate who we are, where we live, what we do and….what is so Magical about Mangawhai? Why give the project a stingray format? This project’s format is inspired on the iconic stingray that inhabit our waters and call Mangawhai, home. The project seeks to honour this fellow creature by recreating its form as outline, and so reminding us and all who visit our shores and view the installation, that life in our waters is precious to us.

In preparation of this project, Rosina has created a sketch on paper on our Gallery wall, in order to see how and if this would work, and to offer a first image. See image. Meanwhile, the Library Hall Committee has approved the installation’s location, the MAI Committee is positive, and Sponsorship of the project has been generously given by Resene Paint, and Creative Communities Scheme Kaipara District. We hope that you, our artists, will support this project by donating your time, effort and creativity to help Project Stingray reach its full potential!

Watch this space for up dates!